Standing in the shade of the Sun
Groping into the end of infinity
Or the edge of expectations
With many events bouncing
Many souls wandering
Many destinies shimmering
I saw and touched
the boundary line of a flattened existence

Indeed I was but an ant
A busy body charged with many given purposes
To save up for the wintery days
To engineer proper for spring time
To devise a full life of holes and tunnels
With hope of abundance and security

Until the flood came

And it came, and I was lost in a sea
Looking back, my gaze must have prophesied
that He is much bigger than a tree
and my dream in its roots
but a breeze of time

Oh, how tumultuous and vast the great unknown!
I was pulled by His voice
from the bowels of many seas
Like the comet, I must have traced
In many a dream
The omen of the darkness that was,
that is and that is to come

And it came. And I was pulled
by the force of a blackhole
In His gaze, like the stars yet to be
I pierced the heart of darkness
Crossed over the whirlwind of many galaxies
With will of a double-edge sword
My pledge must have severed
The smooth surface of time

Until it is no more
Now I am on the other side
they call it eternity

偶题 – 05.19.2022




An Untitled Poem

Parted with the savory of the best fish in YangZi,

I am now in the midst of the blooms on the other side of Pacific.

Abundant leisure blesses my friendship with the white seagulls,

Close proximity encourages my affection towards the verdant mountains.

How lovely and free are the Spring breezes!

And not many residents in this seaside town.

Why should I be bothered with the cares of this world,

When my land is well planted for the coming Millennium.